Service price list

Shears - sharpening (long or short handle) - from £7.50

Electric hedge cutters or strimmers - Service - from £25
Electric mowers - full service inc labour - from £39.95 
(Service includes sharpening of blade, cleaning filters/motor, checking electrical cables/switches and cleaning machine)
Petrol hedge cutters or strimmers - from £39.95 (Hedgetrimmer sharpening £15.00) (includes clean carburettor/air filter (change if needed), spark plug, fuel filter, grease shaft/box, check bearings)
Petrol mowers - service inc labour - from £49.95 (Push) £54.95 (Self Propelled) (includes changing oil, spark plug, clean or replace air filter, sharpen blade, cleaning carburettor, checking belts/cables, clean)
Ride on tractors - full service inc labour – from £104.95 (Full service includes replacing spark plug/air filter/fuel filter, cleaning carburettor, sharpening blades, checking belts/cables and safety switches, checking battery, changing oils (engine/hydro oil if needed), levelling deck and clean)
Rotovators - Service - from £34.95 
(Service includes changing oil, spark plug, clean or replace air filter, check belts/cables, clean) 
Chainsaw Sharpening - from £7.50
Petrol Disc Cutters - Service - from £49.95 
(Service includes changing spark plug/fuel filter/air filter, check drive belts and pull rope, clean carburettor and steam clean)